Community Collaborative Contacts

Pennsylvania is a national leader in supporting communities in their effort to build effective cross-system partnerships. Through key initiatives and related strategies the state continues as a partner with local systems to achieve improved outcomes for children, families and communities. Many groups and individuals work at the state and local level to define program, community and system outcomes. As entrepreneurial strategies are designed by community collaborative's to improve outcomes, the exchange and communication of findings, resource information and technical assistance strategies are invaluable.

Building Partnerships for Stronger Communities
Desk Reference Online

The latest contact information from various state and local collaborative partnerships and the technical assistance entities that are in place to assist in the development of enhancement of community partnerships.

  • Family Centers - State Contracted (pdf file)
  • Fatherhood Sites (pdf file)
  • Parent Child Home Program Contacts (pdf file)
  • State Health Improvement Plan -SHIP (website )
  • SHIP List of Affiliated Partnerships (pdf file)



Last updated January 6, 2006