Children, Youth and Family State System Improvement Efforts

Integrated Children's Services Plan

Introduced by the Secretary of Public Welfare in a bulletin dated May 21, 2004, the Integrated Children’s Services Plan is a joint collaboration between the Department of Public Welfare and the Department of Health, Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs.  The intent is that all child-serving systems will plan together to create a system that allows children to access all appropriate services regardless of what “door” the child may initially enter. . .  Read more

Family Engagement Initiative

Family Engagement recognizes the role and tradition that families have in the understanding and care- taking of its members.  Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) is a family engagement practice model which better enables families and family networks to develop and implement plans to ensure the emotional and physical safety and well being of children through creative use and integration of available resources and services. . . Read more

Building Systems of Care for Children and Families: A Developmental Project for County-based Systems of Care for Children with Behavioral Health Needs, Involved with Child Welfare or Juvenile Justice, and their Families - September 5, 2003

Secretary Estelle Richman of the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) has convened and organized a Children’s Cabinet, Children’s Commission, and Children’s Behavioral Health Task Force to develop a statewide plan that moves aggressively toward implementing sustainable county-based Systems of Care for children, families, and adults served by DPW and other State Departments.  This major reform initiative will build on existing polices, programs, and practices, focusing initially on children with severe emotional and behavioral needs and multi-system involvement. . .Read more

Safety, Permanency and Well-Being Matrix

The following matrix was created to demonstrate the linkage between the outcomes of several child and family initiatives in the Department of Public Welfare’s Office of Children, Youth and Families, and the Department’s goals in the areas of child safety, permanency and well-being...View the matrix