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Thursday, January 18th, 2018

PURPOSE The PA PIRC staff work with local school or community based organization leaders to facilitate a Community Conversation. This type of event can be part day or full day, or include a series of gatherings. The format can be designed as an information sharing and learning and response activity, as a listening and gathering information opportunity and/or a consensus building workshop. All work is conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and creativity. This work typically involves the use of multiple methods for obtaining feedback, identifying issues, prioritizing work and reaching conclusions.


OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this workshop participants have:

  • Gained a deeper understanding of the issues presented and considered.
  • An opportunity to express opinions in a safe environment.
  • Collected feedback from participants that will guide subsequent actions.



TARGET AUDIENCE This workshop can be designed for pre-service and in-service Pre–K-12 educators. With adaptations it can be appropriate for community organization staff and family member audiences.


PRE-REQUISITES A pre-event meeting with organizers to outline purpose, methodology and deliverables is required.


FACILITIES Appropriate space for size of group to face each other, break out space for smaller group conversations, along with a podium, wireless lavaliere microphone (for large room or over 35 participants), screen, internet connection, electrical outlets, and a table set up in the front of the room, are required for the effective delivery of this training.