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Thursday, January 18th, 2018

PURPOSE Parents are their children’s first teachers. They strongly influence their children’s readiness for and success in school. When parents and the organizations that educate children work together, the results for children can be powerful. Organizations and schools can affirm families’ contributions to student success at home, in school and in the community and promote family engagement with their children’s learning and education. This workshop focuses on the practices that create a welcoming environment for parents and family members in schools, pre-schools, out of school time programs and community based organizations that promote working as partners for student success.


OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe actions they can take to make families feel at home, comfortable and a part of the school community.
  • Identify obstacles to overcome in creating a family friendly environment.
  • Use customer service practices that enhance the experience for families and other constituents.



TARGET AUDIENCE This workshop is designed for pre-service and in-service Pre–K-12 educators and administrators, community based organization staff and family member audiences.




REQUIRED MATERIALS Appropriate handout materials will be provided. Participants are expected to bring appropriate writing instruments.


FACILITIES Appropriate classroom or lecture seating along with a podium, wireless lavaliere microphone (for large room or over 35 participants), screen, internet connection, electrical outlets, and a table set up in the front of the room, are required for the effective delivery of this training.


REGISTRATION Registration for this workshop is the responsibility of the host organization.


CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT This workshop is eligible for two (2) hours of Act 48 Continuing Education Credit through the Center for Schools and Communities/CSIU. The instructor will distribute the appropriate form to interested participants during this workshop.