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Thursday, January 18th, 2018

PURPOSE Research supports the fact that family and community engagement focused on student learning with schools has a positive impact on both student achievement and school success. Parents and other family members, school professionals and community organization staff play instrumental and influential roles in a child’s life. This workshop provides information about policy implications, the roles each partner plays and ways these partners can work together to strengthen relationships and improve outcomes for students. It will introduce a variety of resources that may be used to establish and maintain local partnerships.


OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the federal Head Start and Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title I requirements and recommendations about parent involvement and family engagement.
  • Identify practical strategies for use in the early childhood and K-12 settings that promote partnerships with parents and family members who guide children’s learning and transitions from home to school or between educational settings.
  • Explore the concept of family strengthening protective factors.
  • Understand and employ the National PTA Implementation and Assessment guide in the strengthening of their family engagement practices.



TARGET AUDIENCE This workshop is designed for pre-service and in-service Pre–K-12 educators and administrators, community organization staff and family member audiences.




REQUIRED MATERIALS Appropriate handout materials will be provided. Participants are expected to bring appropriate writing instruments.


FACILITIES Appropriate classroom or lecture seating along with a podium, wireless lavaliere microphone (for large room or over 35 participants), screen, internet connection, electrical outlets, and a table set up in the front of the room, are required for the effective delivery of this training.


REGISTRATION Registration for this workshop is the responsibility of the host organization.


CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT This workshop is eligible for two (2) hours of Act 48 Continuing Education Credit through the Center for Schools and Communities/CSIU. The instructor will distribute the appropriate form to interested participants during this workshop.