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Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Teach me to think: Assisting parents to foster their child's social emotional learning development


November 5, 2014

Webinar 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. EDT


Social emotional learning is the way in which a child experiences, expresses and manages emotions. This webinar will familiarize participants with a social emotional learning program called, Raising a Thinking Child (RaTC) developed by Dr. Myrna Shure. This program teaches young children how to think, not what to think, so they are more able to make responsible decisions. Participants will discuss how the RaTC program can be utilized to enhance parenting programs and youth social emotional learning development.


Objectives - participants will be able to:

  • See how the RaTC program may enhance parenting skills and foster youth social emotional development.
  • Learn strategies for dialoguing with children to teach them the skills necessary for problem solving.



Stephanie Roy

Special Projects Managing Coordinator

Center for Safe Schools





If you have any questions about this webinar, please contact Wenda Deardorff at the Center for Schools and Communities at (717) 763-1661, ext. 116 or via email at



All registrants will receive an email confirmation regarding the status of their participation and instructions on how to access the meeting room in order to participate in the event. Further instructions will be sent in the registration confirmation email.


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Certificates: If you want a certificate documenting your participation, please type your full name into the Submit a Question Chat box of GoToWebinar once you log into the session. If you are participating as part of a group, make sure that the full names and email addresses are typed in the Chat box. To receive a certificate you must attend the training from beginning to the end.



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