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Thursday, January 18th, 2018

PA PIRC workshops are grounded in research and include evidence-based policies, practices and procedures as well as exercises and handouts for the participants. Topics can be offered in an overview format or with more elaboration depending on time available. PA PIRC will develop customized two- to four-hour to full day interactive workshops or a series of workshops for educators, community organization professionals and parent leaders. Concepts and topics include:


Family and Community Engagement

Research supports the fact that family engagement is a significant force in both student and school success and that it is a shared responsibility of families, schools and communities; is continuous from birth to young adulthood; and occurs across multiple settings where children learn. Participants will consider specific strategies that they might use to foster shared, systemic and ongoing family engagement in their school communities.

Strength-Based Practices

Parents (with other family members) and teachers (Pre-K through college) are the most directly involved with children and youth each day. Community based organizations provide essential services that support children, youth and their families. All contribute to a child’s healthy development into a productive adult. These workshops will focus on practices that build assets in people and in systems.

Working Together for Student Success

It is important for parents and family members to understand how schools work in order to be effective guides in their children’s learning and education. These workshops include information for parents about understanding the roles and responsibilities for parents, school staff and community partners that support student achievement. It will also include information about information about federal and state regulations and financing, reports schools issue and common procedures.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

These services are uniquely prepared with you. Services may include a focused conversation to consider a local issue through sustainability planning.


Schedule a Workshop

For full workshop descriptions, to schedule a workshop, or more information on fees and topics, please contact PA PIRC (717) 763-1661 ext. 137 or