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Thursday, January 18th, 2018

On Tuesday, October 16, The Special Kids Network System of Care in collaboration with the Neighbours, Inc. High School Transition Project is presented a live, online session entitled “Making Transition Work: Tools for a Successful Transition.” The training provided parents, students, educators and other professionals with the tools to help them plan for the future.


View the recorded online presentation

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October 16 Presentation PowerPoint Slides (PDF format)


Transition Manuals (PDF format)

The Manuals are designed for planning stages in the individual’s young adult life. The Manuals all contain “worksheets” which can be used as a tool for the individual to fill out to assist in the planning process.


Other Resources

Neighbours Inc.
Mark Gane, Director

Inclusion Press

Essential Lifestyle Planning

David Hasbury & Associates
David Hasbury, Organization & Community Development Consultant


About the Presenter

Dave Hasbury, from the Neighbours, Inc. High School Transition Project

David Hasbury is an organizational and community development consultant, educator, and facilitator. For more than 20 years he has been committed to engaging the power of Co Creation --- people gathering together to creatively shape the world around them.

He has worked throughout Canada and the United States. Among his methods of education and group work Dave utilizes "group graphics". This innovative model dynamically captures a group's words, images and colors enabling participants to, quite literally, "see what we are saying", getting everyone on the same page and positioned for action.

Dave uses these methods in Person Centered Planning with people with disabilities and their families and support circles through planning tools such as MAPS and PATH. He is an “Inclusion Associate” affiliated with Inclusion Press , a co-author of “Action for Inclusion”, and is featured in the video “Re-Discovering MAPS”.

For many years Dave served as a consultant and advisor to the People First of Ontario leadership in the self-advocacy movement in Canada. With Peter Park and Doris Rajan he co-authored “Including Us”, a guide to understanding how people with developmental disabilities can be more fully included in organizations, published by the Roeher Institute.

Dave has served as a consultant and trainer for Neighbours Inc. With Patti Scott (C.E.O. of Neighbours Inc.) he is co-author of  “You and Your Budget- A Guide to Understanding, Planning, and Managing Your Funds”, and “You And Your Personal Assistants - A Guide to Managing Your Staff”, two Neighbours publications written to support individuals and their support circles as they embark on the journey of self-directing their personal support system. In collaboration with Patti, Dave has presented and provided training to groups such as C2P2 (Temple University), The ARC of Northern Chesapeake Region, OTAC (Oregon), and the South Dakota Division on Developmental Disabilities.

Dave has also collaborated with Matt DiMarco in delivering the High School Transition Project Curriculum to groups in Philadelphia and Bucks County PA.

Dave has worked extensively with diverse groups, large and small. In addition to his work with people with disabilities he has supported groups interested in youth, community development, the arts, inclusive education, literacy, health and social services, social planning, coalition building, community economic development, and inter-faith dialogue.


About the Neighbours, Inc. High School Transition Project

The PA Developmental Disabilities Council is committed to the idea of developing an approach to transition to adult life for young people through systemic changes that support improved transitions from school to adult life with better outcomes. In support of that belief, Council awarded a grant to Neighbours, Inc. in the spring of 2005, in order to explore the transition process for young adults.

Neighbours Inc. is a non-profit organization created in order to support people with disabilities in choosing and designing a life for themselves in the communities of their choice. The organization believes that each person has the right to be in charge of their own budgets, staff and homes and that each person has the right to dream.

During the first two years of the project, the High School Transition Project developed a series of three manuals to aid in the transition process; developing goals, identifying dreams and creating the individual’s personal road map. The manuals also provide real information on navigating complex systems and a transition timeline to help keep a transitioning individual on track.


Questions or More Information

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact Stephanie Thorn at (717) 763-1661, ext.110 or via e-mail at