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Friday, November 28th, 2014

NIHCM Foundation Webinar
Creating Safer Schools & Healthier Children: A Model Bullying Prevention Program

The Center for Safe Schools Director Lynn Cromley presented during a national webinar that explored how the Highmark Foundation spearheaded the creation of a coalition of experts to implement OBPP in the largest statewide bullying prevention initiative in the country. Cromley spoke about the practices that made this initiative so successful, including the decision to tap into existing bullying prevention training networks and the focus on continuous evaluation of the initiative from its inception. To view the webinar, click here.


Pennsylvania Bullying Prevention Toolkit

The Pennsylvania Bullying Prevention Toolkit was developed by the Center for Safe Schools with funding from the Highmark Foundation. It provides information about the issue of bullying and the role of adults and professionals in supporting children who are affected by it. This toolkit was developed with input from an interdisciplinary group of stakeholders. It is part of a multi-tiered strategy to promote coordination of bullying prevention efforts across the state of Pennsylvania and to encourage local communities to develop effective, collaborative approaches to bullying prevention and intervention. Click here to download the Toolkit.


Strengthening Families Toolkit for Educators

Strengthening Families is an approach to working with families to prevent child abuse and neglect that builds upon family strengths, rather than focusing on deficits. It is not a curriculum or a program, but instead offers a framework of five research-based Protective Factors that give parents what they need to parent effectively, even under stress. Click here to access the Toolkit.


Bullying and Suicide: What Educators Need to Know

Recorded Presentation

Presenters Dr. Sue Limber and Dr. Mary Margaret Kerr, experts in bullying and crisis prevention/response, address issues of adolescent suicide and bullying experiences. This session was recorded live and hosted by the Center for Safe Schools with funding provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Highmark Foundation.

For more information and to view the session, click here.


Engaging Youth in Career Programming
During Out-of-School Time

Lessons for Program Design from a Study of Experienced Out-of-School Time Programs

This detailed study of 26 out-of-school time programs in Pennsylvania includes a review of challenges, creative solutions and best practices for career exploration and interest assessment, job search skills,
supervised work experience, and skills development. Click here to download the program design resource.